About us
Let us introduce ourselves a little.

Our mission is simple - travel, work, have fun and get to know the world around you simply and without worries.


In 1992 was Petr Cech still an university student when he started his accommodation business. During his study he lived on a high school colleges and in the summer holidays he was offering the empty rooms to other budget travellers coming to Czech Republic.

Over time he expanded cooperation with the other universities and managed to accommodate more than 700 people daily. At this time ended communism in many other eastern countries and new travel agencies were established. Their clients were looking for a cheap accommodation, so the agents contacted Petr Cech.

As time went he added also hotels and other travel services → was created an incoming travel agency for Czech Republic specialized in clients from Central and Eastern Europe.
Thanks to the contacts on those travel agencies and knowledge of these destinations he was offering incoming services in 14 central and eastern countries.

After a few years the existing travel agency Petros was renamed to 1BigEurope that should symbolize that once we will have a great Europe. His forecast has been filled when many offered countries joined the European Union.

Currently 1BigEurope offers full travel services in the whole Europe.


We are able to organise a full arranged programmes for school or expert groups coming to Europe. We have a close cooperation with local schools, companies and institutions so the students get closer to practice.

We organise itinerary for various targets. It doesn't matter if group is interested in sport, history, entertainment or economy. Our programmes contribute to an international exchange of experience.

Especially at this time we are beware of the safety. Therefore we cooperate exclusively with well known partners and verified hotels.

We are sending you some of the town tours the we already realized together, so you can make an idea about our offer. We would be happy to meet any of your special requirements and we will do our best to create an itinerary just and only for you.

Our contacts:

reservation department: reservation@1bigeurope.com

accounting department: accounting@1bigeurope.com

sales department: sales@1bigeurope.com

marketing department: marketing@1bigeurope.com

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                   Company management:

Ing. Petr Čech                    Klára Zuzčaková                   Jana Rybářová

       CEO                                   sales dpt.                          accounting dpt.

 IČO: 27262782                                                                          DIČ: CZ27262782 

Petr in 1992 he established  travel agency to be able to offer complete travel services  with advantages of strong backround and online reservation system in one. His dreams and visions have turned into reality.

Klára  is our reservation magician. She helps to fulfill your dreams. She loves traveling so she knows what she is talking about. She always knows  the best hotels, useful travel services. 

Jana stands in the background. Her kingdom are numbers,  outputs and financial statements. Thanks to her reliable work, we can focus on our beloved traveling.