About us
Let us introduce ourselves a little.

Our mission is simple - travel, work, have fun and get to know the world around us simply and without worries.

In 1992 was Petr Cech still an university student when he started his business. After the agreement with his university he started to rent the empty college rooms to the buget travellers during the summer holidays. It works. Later on he founded a travel agency www.hostel.cz that was offering a cheap accommodation in the Czech Republic and in 2005 was founded www.1BigEurope.com.

It looks like a fairytale but it was not always easy.  Our story begins in communist Czechoslovakia - the Internet was still in its infancy, travelling was fobidden and bananas only for the Christmas. full story


We are able to organise a full arranged programmes for school or expert groups coming to Europe. We have a close cooperation with local schools, companies and institutions so the students get closer to practice. We organise itinerary for various targets. It doesn't matter if group is interested in sport, history, entertainment or economy. Our programmes contribute to an international exchange of experience.

Especially at this time we are beware of the safety. Therefore we cooperate exclusively with well known partners and verified hotels.


At this moment you know when and how it all started, have better idea what we do now. 
Finally read a few words about our 3 specialists in their fields, please.  

Petr (CEO) he established  travel agency to be able to offer complete travel services  with advantages of strong backround and online reservation system in one. His dreams and visions have turned into reality.

Klára (sales dpt.) is our reservation magician. She helps to fulfill your dreams. She loves traveling so she knows what she is talking about. She always knows  the best hotels, useful travel services. 

Jana (accounting dpt.) stands in the background. Her kingdom are numbers,  outputs and financial statements. Thanks to her reliable work, we can focus on our beloved traveling.


reservation department: reservation@1bigeurope.com                                                          Adress: 1BigEurope, a.s. 
accounting department: accounting@1bigeurope.com                                                                 Hilbertova 69, 44001 Louny
sales department:            sales@1bigeurope.com                                                                                    Czech Republic
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Phone:  +420 415 658 580
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