Trust but verify.

Anything can be written ... If you want to verify how we operate and what are the experience of our clients, we have prepared this page. In case of interest, during the negotiation of cooperation, we will provide contact for specific persons.

Below are a few information talking about us. For our clients we have realized many different events and this is just a short example of the most interesting ...

Notice board


Dear Klara, my husband and I have now returned from our trip to Estonia. We were very pleased with the smoothness of the hotel bookings and car booking which you made for us. Everything worked very well so I am writing to thank you for all your help. I have an American friend who is coming to Europe in September. I know she is hoping to visit the Czech Republic and Croatia.  Many thanks.


Dear Katerina, Thank you for issuing the accommodation voucher which arrived. I have printed it off and have it in safe keeping. Dealing with your company was a very simple and unfussy method of booking a place to stay in an unfamiliar (to us) area. Thank you for all your assistance. Thanks again. I'll pass your address to our travelling friends so they too can use it. 


THANK YOU! I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure booking through Your staff are very friendly, professional and responded quickly to my questions. I am looking forward to booking my next trip through your company and I will certainly tell my friends. (Maybe I'll be able to speak a little czech ) Děkuji


The MOST visited countries

We have arranged complete travel services including accommodation, transfers, meeting rooms, meals and tours for 11 people in 9 countries.

The BIGGEST group

We arranged accommodation for 2,700 people during the Rolling Stones concert as well as tickets, tours and transfers.

The LONGEST accommodation

For 140 students we organized a stay for a few months.

The MOST interesting stay
For 30 students, we arranged a 17-day trip to Russia including accommodation, transfers and crossings with domestic lines as well as meetings with local mass media representatives and special thematic meetings.

The MOST unusual service

We arranged a 30 minutes flight by MIG 29 jet fighter.

Was written about us 

The article is possible in czech version.

The article is possible in czech version. 

The article is possible in czech version.