Our story

Once upon a time (1992 exactly 😏) there was a student called Petr with head full of dreams...


The university student Petr Čech has an idea of renting college dormitories that are empty during the summer holidays. The idea looks interesting, so in May he founds a trade license, agrees with the university and from July at the age of 22 he starts a business. He founds a travel agency Petros and after a short time he creates its own web site www.hostel.cz
Please read our story full of courage, youthful enthusiasm and a big portion of happiness.
- our beginnings.
From now on, we are operating as a team. 👍  


After the achievements with our offer of budget accommodation in the Czech Republic and also the whole Central and Eastern Europe we are seting another course to overcome. We wish to offer hotels of different price categories around the world. This new travel agency is supposed to be the solution for all people who love to travel as much as we do.  A travel agency called 1BigEurope is being created. Its name says all.
No matter of budget, time or borders. 
We live our dream. 


In addition to internet bookings, we would like to expand our range again and we are starting to participate in trade fairs around the world. Trage fairs bring so much inspiration and impulses and it also open new horizons for us.  We still provide incoming services for foreign travel agencies throughout Central and Eastern Europe but from this year we also provide complete travel services for trade fair exhibitors. We take care about flights, transfers, accommodation, visas, meals or leisure program.
It is very new experience.
It is another chalange.


we are taking another small step forward by securing business trips for all kinds of companies and work teams outside the trade fairs. We are glad for such opportunities. We have a chance to get to know companies from a different side than the work one.  Of course the working part is always the main one but there is still enough time for sightseeing,  excursions or sport-adrenaline-culture experiance.  The compenies ask for special treatment for their employees, because they value their work.
We are creative. 
Everyone enjoy it.


In addition to classic city tours, companies prefer events in the spirit of sport teambuilding. We are very interested in sports. The big advantage is that Petr (the founder) was a top athlete in his youth and actually he still lives a sport. Due to his knowledge of the environment and the needs of athletes, we include a complete sport services to our offer. We have no problem with providing all the necessary facilities.
Personal experience is priceless.


From the sport section it is prety close to our favourite activity → adrenaline experience. Our team regularly make up non-traditional or adrenaline-fuelled experience just for our fun.  It is always perfect and it incredibly charges us. We decide to organize such events for other companies as well. Teambuilding works both as a reward and as a motivation perfectly.  
We are proof of that.
We are together since 1992.


We provide all the activities we have learned and perfected over the years. 
Our first beloved domain www.hostel.cz, was taken under the protection wings of 1BigEurope. It still focuses on budget hostels with online reservation system for individuals. The groups appreciate a reliable background, contacts, discounts and human-friendly approach.  

The travel agency 1BigEurope also fulfills its mission perfectly and arranges accommodation, various events and all travel services you may need throughout (1Big) Europe.