City cards

Be pleasantly surprised.

This is a smart and modern way of travelling. Imagine that you just arrived to your dream city. You would like to see as much as it is possible and the ideal would be with the least cost. You don´t know where to begin, how the public transportation works, where to buy the tickets or what are the possible discounts for you. The city card will make your discovery much more fun. You will get a map or printed guide, free entry to chosen attraction, free city or airport transport and many others. 

It does not matter how long you are going to stay, the card are so flexible 👍

The CITY CARDS promise plenty of advantages:

- FREE public transport 
- FREE airport transfer
- FREE entry to many city attractions
- FREE handy guide and map
- safe up to 50% of other tourist and cultural attractions
- great savings on multilingual audio commentary 
- discounted cruises, city tour buses, excursions
- great savings in restaurants, shops, tourist services

  and much more... 

We offer various city cards, so EVERYONE can choose the length, focus and advantages.

in more then 150 cities 

For detailed information please contact our group specialist or use an independent reguest form

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