Sport & Fun

Not everything has to be measured on goals, points and seconds.

After the year-round sports and all the great work you deserve some relax. We offer a cool travelling for fun and rest.

Postseason journeys

Reward yourself after a challenging season and enjoy your well-deserved rest. We will make such a plan together that you you will not even rememeber sports scores. ☺

Thematic journeys

If you are looking for a sport inspiration, we will arrange meetings with foreign colleagues, visit to sport schools, training academies and tours of world-famous stadium including their backrounds.

Meet the locals

We will organize a friendly match  against a local rivals on a similar level where the result is not the most important. The following common sittings associated with the local specialties tasting is the winning combination of getting to know new friends.

Traveling experiences

Explore the interesting cities, visit the amusement parks or just relax on the beach. These activities take an essential part of our program. It is suitable for amateur teams that want to combine pleasant with useful.


Barcelona is not only a beautiful city full of admirable architecture, monuments and shops, but it is almost perfect in terms of sports. At the end of the season, there is still warm, use the perfect transport links and check out the 1992 Olympics or the FC Barcelona stadium. You can also visit football, handball or basketball.

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