Our story
Once upon a time (1992 exactly 😏) there was a student called Petr with head full of dreams...


In the winter of 1992 a university student Petr Čech had an idea of renting college dormitories that were empty during the summer holidays. That idea looked interesting, so in May he founded a trade license, agreed with the university and from July at the age of 22 he started business. Was established travel agency Petros and after a short time also a travel agency Hostel with its own web site www.hostel.cz.  Hostel.cz is part of 1BigEurope nowadays, please read its story full of courage and youthful enthusiasm - hostel story.


After the achievements with our offer ofbudget accommodation in the Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe we set another goal. We wished to offer all price hotelcategories all over the world. This travel egency was supposed to be the link for all people who love to travel like us. No matter of budget, time or borders. We lived our dream.